Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Legend of Galactic Heroes

I proudly present to you this awesome anime! The title is Legend of Galactic Heroes. My favorite anime that is already finish is "Code Geass" I can't find any anime that can match the greatness and epic-ness of Code Geass. And then I found out a site called "AniDB". It has the ratings of all anime. Code Geass is one of the top ten animes. And legend of galactic heroes too. I saw Legend of Galactic Heroes' airtime. It begun on 1987. pretty old anime and older than me :) That makes me curious, an old anime but possess a high rating and always at top 10.
If you want Battle of Intelligent Persons like Code Geass, I recommend you this anime, I'm about to finish this. I'm already at Episode 90. Last 20 episodes for me to finish that and i can say i really enjoy watching this anime. I'll blog again about this anime when i reach the last episode. Tell you if this really match my favorite finished anime :D

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