Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is awesomeness!

I visited isohunt: August 12, 2009: 2:45pm; they are having a maintenance that time. The page displays "for the mean while, watch this love story meet viva la vida remix". I just play it without expecting awesome but holy shit! The performance in the video is awesomeness. Here it is:

Your so Cool Jon Schmidt! You're the Man!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Best Anime for me

Epic! The best word that can describe this Anime called Legend of Galactic Heroes. It's name befits the anime. I will not tell why because my reasoning on it is a SPOILER. I hate spoilers. They just ruin the show. Why will you watch that is something you already knew? oh well...

To all people out there! I recommend this anime. It's so intelligent you will not drop this. This is like great father of death note and code geass. Both battle of brains.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Legend of Galactic Heroes

I proudly present to you this awesome anime! The title is Legend of Galactic Heroes. My favorite anime that is already finish is "Code Geass" I can't find any anime that can match the greatness and epic-ness of Code Geass. And then I found out a site called "AniDB". It has the ratings of all anime. Code Geass is one of the top ten animes. And legend of galactic heroes too. I saw Legend of Galactic Heroes' airtime. It begun on 1987. pretty old anime and older than me :) That makes me curious, an old anime but possess a high rating and always at top 10.
If you want Battle of Intelligent Persons like Code Geass, I recommend you this anime, I'm about to finish this. I'm already at Episode 90. Last 20 episodes for me to finish that and i can say i really enjoy watching this anime. I'll blog again about this anime when i reach the last episode. Tell you if this really match my favorite finished anime :D

Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Blog

Woohoo! this is my first blog boys and girls out there! hope you read my blogs in the future :) I'll share random infos that i know (if there is lol) .

Le'ts start with what is my favorite show! It's an anime and it's called "Bleach". I'm a fan of One Piece too! (where's the bleach picture?) I'll post it next time. :D